Alllllllliiiison (rabidfrog) wrote in fram_it_up,

secret santa

in an effort to make a day everyone can attend, is the evening on the 26th/27th/28th ok with everyone? that way, Amanda and I should be free of work, and everyone should be in town.
I really don't want to have to make it on a day where not everyone can make it.
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27th and 28th are bad for me. The 26th is good, though.
bad as in you can't possibly make it, or can but just don't want to?
Can't. It's the family Christmas party on the 27th, and the 28th I'm going to a Christmas party in St. Catherines.

Seeing as the 26th seems to not work for anyone esle, I could probably to make it on the 27th as long as it's ok if I show up late.
late is always alright, I'm just aiming to find a day that everyone can make, which is alot more difficult then previously thought. Christmas scheduels are a gigantic pain in the ass to work around
That is very painfully true. You are such a doll for taking the time to organize this. ♥
Yeah, there's this weird 'set in stone'ness to them that doesn't exist elsewhere. People can't just dodge out of stuff early?? I do that all the time ...


12 years ago

26th = no way.
a HUGE maybe if it's late at night.

27th/28th work for me
how late?
no way as in you dont feel like going out after 10, or no way as in you are out of town?
no way as in it's my family's annual xmas bash. It's horrible, but I'm forced to go. Last year, someone ended up in the emergency room (no joke). I would probably be out of there by 9-10ish, but i have no idea.
dude, you can always cut out of those family things early, your a "young person". just be like "ima go have sex with my bf!" and they'd all be like "lol, go dannielle!"

...or, you know, just tell them you have somewhere to be.
I really, really can't.
that's pretty much the only day between Dec 24-Jan 3 that I can't be available for.


12 years ago

if im working on the 26th, i will be there till like 9:30 but ill make it after that...ditto for the other days too
I can definetly make the 27/28 at any time, however I have no idea about the 26th...if it was late I could probably do it...but no guarantees
as far as I can recall, i'm only being reaped on new years and new years day for rodge podge. let me double before I add or detract from your irritation, though.

ps, you are lovely for bothering to organize <3
I spoke to my parents, and I can make it on the 26th. I wouldn't be able to get there until 9ish, though.